Celco Storage Clipboard


Celco Storage Clipboard

Storage Clipboard top opens to a filing space beneath to store loose papers, brochures and documents:

  • Durable hard plastic ensures a sturdy writing area and hard case to hold papers
  • Wire clip keeps documents secure
  • Black A4 Clipboards
  • Internal Measurements: 320mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 27mm (H)
  • Celco Storage Clipboard: Standard Storage Clipboard with Wire Clip. Comes with an internal pressure clip to keep doucments secure inside and an embossed 30cm rule.
  • Celco Storage Clipboard with Calculator: Standard Storage Clipboard with Wire Clip and Calculator – Perfect tool for those on the go without having to pull out an additional calculator for simple calculations
  • Celco Storage Clipboard with Whiteboard: Standard Storage Clipboard with Wire Clip and Magnetic Whiteboard – perfect for a coach to show a game play or users to explain ideas while on the go

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Celco Storage Clipboard

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