Year 9 Stationery Instructions Below – Any questions or problems just call 09 443 5550 and ask!



Step (1) is to add the compulsory pack to your cart and Step (2) is to pick the language options once you know what they are.

Step (1) – Add the Compulsory Pack to your shopping cart

To make the process as fast and painless as possible for the parents, we have added all compulsory subject items into a pack. From here, here are two options for parents:

Option 1 Buy The Pack

To purchase the stationery pack for the compulsory subjects in a quick and easy step PLEASE CLICK HERE to ‘Buy the Pack’

Option 2 Choose Your Own

Alternatively, if you want to go through each item and pick selected products you would like from the pack, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Step (2) – Language Options.

If you know what your language options are, you can buy the stationery for the languages by clicking the link for the languages below and adding the items to your cart. Friendly reminder that some items might already be in the compulsory pack (but feel free to add them if you wish!)
Please click here for Japanese

Please click here for Chinese

Please click here for French and German

Please click here for ESOL

Please click here for Te Reo Maori

For more information on compulsory and optional subjects please click on the WBHS webpage here

  • File Master Ringbinder PVC A5 2/26mm

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  • Colourhide Box File Foolscap 75mm Assorted Colour

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  • Deli Globule Document Wallets

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  • Beautone A4 PVC 2/25mm Ring Binder

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  • Whiteboard Marker Deli 6804 Box of 10

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    WBHS Year 9 French and German

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  • Multifunctional Expanding File 5860 A4-S

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  • Deli Calculator Pocket Size

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    WBHS Year 9 Japanese

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    WBHS Year 9 Te Reo Maori

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  • Esselte 20 page clearfile A4

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    WBHS Year 9 ESOL

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