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We have got more staff in to help and can pick and pack most orders on the same day, ready for collection by customers in store the next day.

Alternatively, NZ Couriers can pick them up the next day for overnight delivery!

Please scroll down then fill in your details and select your year group below to see your compulsory and optional stationery Please refer to your stationery list if necessary – any questions or problems just call 09 443 5550 and ask! 

*in relation to year 9*
you have two options to either
1) buy the pack for the compulsory (listed as the first item below after you fill in your details and select year 9), then going through the below optional subjects to purchase the stationery list (if you know what your options are); or
2) fill in your details, select year 9, then go through each of the compulsory and optional subjects of your choice and select the stationery that you require. You can change the quantities if you wish (the quantities are currently set to the quantity as per the stationery list).

*Free Shipping for Westlake Boys High School*
Free delivery auto applies when your order value is over $50.00. Please add coupon code “free shipping” if your order value is below $50 to get free delivery as well.

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    WBHS Year 9 ESOL

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  • Staedtler Tradition F Pencil

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  • Whiteboard Marker Deli 6804 Box of 10

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  • Deli 1-12 Tabs Dividers

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  • Multifunctional Expanding File 5860 A4-S

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  • Reeves Acrylic Paint Set

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  • French Curves

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  • Ringbinder PVC A4 26mm 2D Ring Assorted Colours

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  • Celco Set Square 30/60 degree

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  • Summer Colours Lever Arch File A4

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  • Helix Flexible Curve 30cm

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  • Deli Globule Document Wallets

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