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February 12, 2010Protractor 100mm x 180 Deg

Protractor 100mm x 180 Deg

  • 100mm diameter
  • 180° clear protractor
  • great for the pencil case

Product Code: 61320

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December 31, 2020Pencil Staedtler HB



  • Break resistant HB lead

Code: 85658

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February 15, 2010Staedtler Tradition 2B Pencil

Staedtler Tradition 2B Pencil

  • High quality Pencil for writing, drawing and sketching.
  • Ideal for school and office use
  • Easy to erase
  • Easy to sharpen with any quality sharpenner
  • Lead diameter 2mm
  • 14 degrees

Product Code: 51086

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January 5, 20201B5 Exercise Book 2write

1B5 Exercise Book (Limit of 15 items per customer)

  • 7mm Ruled Lines 40 leaf
  • Size: 255mm x 205mm (H x W)
  • NZ manufactured 1B5/SWB
  • For a wide range of subjects

Product code: 61259

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July 22, 2020Exercise Book 1E5 with Margins (2write)

Exercise Book 1E5 with margins

  • 2Write
  • 7mm quad
  • 36 leaves
  • 72 pages

Product Code: 61220

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July 25, 20202Write Exercise Book 1H5

2Write Math Exercise Book 1H5

  • Size: 255mm X 205mm
  • School pad
  • 36 leaf – 72 pages
  • 10mm quad
  • With margins

Product Code: 981710

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January 5, 2020Blue Pen Click Retractable Ballpoint (Deli)

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January 5, 2020Red Pen Click Retractable Ballpoint (Deli)

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January 5, 2020Black Pen Click Retractable Ballpoint (Deli)

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November 20, 201030cm Clear Plastic Ruler

30cm Clear Plastic Ruler

  • 30cm Clear Plastic Ruler
  • with plastic case

Product Code: 61312

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November 8, 2020Metal Pencil Sharpener 2 hole

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November 16, 2020Deli Whiteboard Marker 6804 Black

Deli Whiteboard Marker 6804 Black

  • The 2 mm bullet-tip marker allows for precision while still producing a bold line.
  • The polypropylene barrel and cap ensure that the marker lasts an extremely long time as PP has a high resistance to ink evaporation.
  • The marker’s locked tip will stand up well under strong hand pressure.

Product Code: 51863