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December 31, 2020Pencil Staedtler HB



  • Break resistant HB lead

Code: 85658

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December 18, 2019Triangular Pen Blue

The triangular barrel provides greater comfort and control.

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January 16, 2020Ballpoint Pen Red

Ballpoint Pen Red

  • Quality retractable ballpoint pen


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November 20, 201030cm Clear Plastic Ruler

30cm Clear Plastic Ruler

  • 30cm Clear Plastic Ruler
  • with plastic case

Product Code: 61312

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January 5, 2020A4 / FL Wallet Card

 A4 / FL Wallet Card

  • Expanding
  • Economical cardboard file wallets
  • Ideal for storing and transporting A4 files and documents
  • Assorted colours
  • Holds approx 100 sheets of 80gsm paper

Product Code: 42229

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January 5, 2020Exercise Book 1I5 (Y3)

Exercise Book 1I5

  • 1I5
  • 80 pages
  • 9mm lined

Product Code: 98187

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July 8, 2012Exercise Book LWB

Exercise Book LWB

  • Learn to write book
  • Size: 255mm X 205mm
  • 7mm dash and 14mm ruled
  • 32 leaves – 64 pages

Product Code: 61188

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January 26, 2011Exercise Book 1A5 2Write

 Exercise Book 1A5

  • 1A5
  • Size: 205 x 255mm
  • 40 leaf
  • Blank pages

Product Code: 61202


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January 5, 2020Eraser Quality (Deli)

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December 30, 2020Facial Tissues Pacific Deluxe 2ply box

  • 100% virgin tissue.
  • Outstanding softness, strength and absorbency.
  • Ultra low linting – to reduce dust spread.
  • Packaging features for easy opening & recycling


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November 16, 2020Deli Whiteboard Marker 6804 Black

Deli Whiteboard Marker 6804 Black

  • The 2 mm bullet-tip marker allows for precision while still producing a bold line.
  • The polypropylene barrel and cap ensure that the marker lasts an extremely long time as PP has a high resistance to ink evaporation.
  • The marker’s locked tip will stand up well under strong hand pressure.

Product Code: 51863

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January 5, 2020Glue Stick Amos Jumbo 35g

Glue Stick Amos Jumbo 35g

  • Non-toxic, safe, clean & washable Acid & solvent free
  • Use on paper, photos & fabric for home, office or school projects
  • Dries quickly
  • Great for school
  • Size: Jumbo 35g

Product code: 11027