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February 12, 2010Protractor 100mm x 180 Deg

Protractor 100mm x 180 Deg

  • 100mm diameter
  • 180° clear protractor
  • great for the pencil case

Product Code: 61320

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July 22, 2020Exercise Book 1E5 with Margins (2write)

Exercise Book 1E5 with margins

  • 2Write
  • 7mm quad
  • 36 leaves
  • 72 pages

Product Code: 61220

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January 5, 2020Blue Pen Click Retractable Ballpoint (Deli)

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January 5, 2020Red Pen Click Retractable Ballpoint (Deli)

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January 5, 2020Black Pen Click Retractable Ballpoint (Deli)

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November 20, 201030cm Clear Plastic Ruler

30cm Clear Plastic Ruler

  • 30cm Clear Plastic Ruler
  • with plastic case

Product Code: 61312

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Marbig® Polypick® Wallet

Durable and tear resistant foolscap document wallets.
Features a 25mm gusset and touch fastener.
Write-on ID panel on the front allows for easy identification of contents.
Holds 220 pages.
Made from recyclable, durable polypropylene material.
Product code:42848

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June 10, 2012Deli Glue Stick 36g

Deli Glue Stick 36g

  • Dries clear and wrinkle free
  • Non-toxic and solvent free
  • Great for school and safe for kids
  • Use on paper, photos & fabric for home, office or school projects.
  • Size: 36g

Product Code: 98169

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January 4, 2018Deli Scissors

Deli Scissors 6009

  • Model: E6009
  • Colour Options: Red or Black
  • 180mm or 7″
  • Stainless Steel

Product code: 9802601


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November 20, 2010Staedtler Maths Compass

Staedtler Maths Compass

  • Ideal for the classroom or office
  • Constructed with quality metal

Product Code: 61354

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November 20, 2010Casio Graphics Calculator FX9860GIII

 Graphics Calculator Casio fx 9750GII

  • Leading graphics calculator
  • Ideal calculator for School NCEA and university
  • Program function
  • Advanced statistics
  • Calculus
  • Financial
  • Icon menu
  • Slide-on hard Case
  • Statistics
  • Algebra
  • Geometry

This Casio FX9860GIII Graphic Calculator has a fast processor and modern design. The calculator has Natural Textbook Display to show fractions, logarithms, surds, exponents, integrals, derivatives and sigma summation as they are displayed in a textbook. The calculator features the Python programming language tool to cultivate algorithmic thinking. Great for graphing, advanced statistics, geometry and more. USB connection that enables fast and easy O/S updates, and data transfer for screen grabs to use in workbooks and uploading standardised lists. Approved by NZQA for all NCEA and Scholarship Exams.

  • Graphic calculator with fast processor & examination mode
  • Natural Textbook Display format to show calculations & equations as in textbooks
  • Spread sheet capability and Python programming language
  • Approved by NZQA for exam use in New Zealand
  • Calculator measures 87x27x173mm (wxdxl)


Product Code: 31018